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Dark Needs at Night's Edge - Kresley Cole

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Dark Needs at Night’s Edge is the story of Conrad Wroth, a vampire in full crazed bloodlust and Néomi Laress, a ghost stuck in the mansion she was murdered in.  Seems like a pretty unlikely couple, but it seriously works for them.  The book starts with Néomi’s last moments alive, followed by her murder, which was unpleasant to say the least.  In life, Néomi was a burlesque dancer turned ballerina; so successful that by 26 she was able to purchase her own home (a mansion in New Orleans called Elincourt). Conrad is one of the 4 Wroth brothers and the last one to be introduced to us, as he’s been hiding from his brothers all these years.  Turned 300 years ago by his brother Nikolai, he still holds a grudge about being made a vampire without his agreement.


I loved the main characters in this book, both Néomi and Conrad had definite personalities that didn’t rely on the supporting characters to shine.  Being a burlesque dancer turned ballerina gave Neomi some pretty ahead of her times ideas that made her more relatable and likable.  Conrad was a bit insane (like, his character was actually crazy), but that didn’t detract from his character.  He starts out trying to kill his brothers, considering them his enemies after their betrayal all those years ago, but he eventually kinda calms down a little bit after he’s come down from his bloodlust a bit.  The book goes from there, and I sincerely loved it.  There were instances where I laughed out loud and it was a read in one sitting kind of book!


This book was definitely predictable, but I freely admit that I’m a firm believer in the HEA in romance novels.  Anyone that enjoys a good paranormal romance will enjoy this story.  There are a quite a few references to previous books in the series that may be a bit confusing if you don’t know the characters, but I think the book easily stands on its own and is my personal favorite from the series.

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